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Belly Dancer Silhouette - Wall Decal

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  • Small - 5.25 in by 12 in (13.44 cm by 30.72 cm)
  • Medium - 10.25 in by 24 in (26.24 cm by 61.44 cm)
  • Large - 15.5 in by 36 in (39.68 cm by 92.16 cm)
  • Extra Large - 20.5 in by 48 in (52.48 cm by 122.88 cm)
  • Extra Extra Large - 25.75 in by 60 in (65.92 cm by 153.6 cm)
  • Huge - 30.75 in by 72 in (78.72 cm by 184.32 cm)
  • Super Sized - 36 in by 84 in (92.16 cm by 215.04 cm)
  • Enormous - 41 in by 96 in (104.96 cm by 245.76 cm)


Decal color chart


Please note that the decal in the example image shown is the largest version. We STRONGLY recommend you measure the area you intend to apply to before purchasing and make sure you are purchasing the correct size since there are multiple size options available for this design!

Our decals are cut vinyl and do not have a background. You are selecting the color of the positive space only. The background is whatever color your wall is.

Please note that while we have striven to make our color chart as accurate as possible, it may appear differently on different monitors.


All of our decals are made to order unless otherwise noted in the description. Our current turn around time to prepare decals for shipping is 3 to 5 business days.

Our wall decals are made in and shipped from our partner studio out of Mission Viejo, CA. We ship via USPS.

Please remember that during the winter holiday season (mid November to early January) there may delay in production and shipping. We will do everything we can to avoid this happening, but somethings during the holiday rush are just out of our hands.


We use Oracal 631 vinyl material to create our decals. It is a matte surface vinyl material. These decals are 100% removable, but are not reusable (one time use only). They are intended for indoor use and are rated to last 3 to 7 years.

If you would like to upgrade to automotive/outdoor grade material please contact us with a custom order request. We have access to standard outdoor vinyl, automotive grade, and even vinyl that can be put on boats! Include the design name, size and color you would like it made in and we will get back to you with a quote and a link to a reserved listing. Please note that automotive and outdoor grade material is more expensive material, and therefore the decal will cost a little more ($2 to $4 per foot of material used).


A printed copy of our application instructions will be included with your order.

Our decals are cut vinyl. There is no background clear or otherwise other than your wall. Each piece of the decal is actually a seperate piece of vinyl. This does not mean you have to apply it bit by bit however! Your decal is sandwiched between a wax paper backing (to protect the sticky side) and a top layer of application tape (think of this like giant masking tape).

You will remove the wax paper backing, stick the decal and application tape to the wall all together and then peel the application tape off leaving the decal behind perfectly aligned

Please note:

    • The surface you are applying to MUST be cleaned according to the instructions in order to work. Basically if you do not clean your wall before applying the decal will stick to the unseen dust and skin oils on your wall instead of the wall itself and will be ruined.
    • You must wait at least 2 weeks after painting your walls before applying a vinyl decal. (No seriously people, it won't work! Just don't do it!)
    • These decals should not be applied to textured surfaces (such as stuccoed walls)
    • These decals should not be applied to fabric
    • These decals should not be applied to lacquered surfaces
    • These decals should not be applied to acrylic based painted surfaces
    • These decals will not stick to certain kinds of plastic
    • The adhesive on these decals is water based. Do not apply to a wet surface, it will dissolve the adhesive.


We do accept custom orders! Whether it be a modification to this design or something all together new. Contact us through our Custom Orders page for more info.


All returns, exchanges and refunds are handled on a case by case basis. Returns and exchanges will not be accepted on used decals. We will not pay for the return shipping unless the error is on our part in most cases.

Please note that this item is made to order. What this means is we do not create the item until you have ordered it. No materials or time has been used until you have ordered the item. We are not Walmart or a mass production factory. We are a tiny handmade business and we do expect you to read the description of what you are buying. We are always willing to work with you if there was a mistake, but there is a reason that we state so often to MEASURE where you are going to apply before purchasing to ensure you are ordering the right size.