Our shipping is based off the cart's overall weight and are calculated off the of postage. We do not charge extra for handling. The 2lb and up is high because unless you are ordering a massive amount of small items, the package will be large because the decal will likely be large, and bigger packages cost more to ship regardless of weight. 

Up to 0.5 lb - $5
0.5 lb to 1lb - $5.50
1lb and 2lb - $6.50
2lb and up - $10

Up to 0.5 lb -  $10
0.5 lb to 2lb -  $20
2lb and up - $40

Yes, everywhere. The only countries we do not ship to are ones with embargos from the US. If you're not sure if that's your country it's probably not.
Up to 0.5 lb -  $14
0.5 lb to 2lb -  $25
2lb and up -  $60

We are not responsible for additional import fees your country may charge. That is a tax on you from your country, not something we pay or are even made aware of when shipping to you. If import taxes are due on a package and you do not pay them, the items may or may not be shipped back to us. Additional shipping charges will apply if you refuse a package and then want us to ship it again. The postage isn't exactly reusable. Also, packages that the import tax is refused on are not considered lost packages by anyone.

Not many countries charge import taxes on the kind of items we sell, but if you are unsure if your country might, we recommend checking out your post office's website. Most postal sites have info about importing, or at least list what department you should contact to find out.