Nomification - The Ultimate Butterbeer Recipe Guide!

The official recipe from the Wizarding World website has a great set of recipes for the sweet buttery drink we've all craved since book three. So it's not really surprising that there are a whole cauldron full of butterbeer recipes out there. But did you know they aren't limited to drinks?


At the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Florean Fortescue's serves butterbeer ice cream! Well, now you can make it at home too. We made a batch of this recently and added a bit of rum extract to the recipe, which turned out fantastic.


Erica's Sweet Tooth has a sweet recipe for butterbeer cupcakes. Why aren't these on the Hogwarts Express treats trolley?


It's not hard to imagine stacks of these butterbeer pancakes appearing on the tables of the great hall every morning. The recipe for these is from Sugar & Soul.


I could see Rosmerta and Honeydukes pairing up to create this sweet treat, but the butterbeer fudge recipe can actually be found at Cookie Dough and Oven Mitt.


Sweet and soft, these butterbeer pudding cookies are another great edition to any witch or wizard's cook book by Sugar & Soul.

Or maybe you already have a favorite cookie recipe. Why not add this butterbeer cookie glaze from Bake at 350?


This butterbeer biscotti recipe by Slim Pickin's Kitchen is a great addition to a nice hot cup of tea (or hot butterbeer if you're aiming for a butterbeer overload).


An extra sweet spin on the usual hot butterbeer recipe is butterbeer hot cocoa from Bakingdom, perfect for those cold castle nights.


 Oh, and don't forget your morning pick me up!

And of course we had to include the actual classics. Here are some recipes for both hot and cold butterbeer that are sure to magically quench your thirst.
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